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Memorial Day 2020 for the Old and New Heroes of a Pandemic War

  We can not for get the historic challenge that our country has and is undergoing with the Corona virus pandemic and the innocent tens of thousands that have died painful and tragic deaths

HNN and local activist have insisted and demanded that  the National Cemetery Administration(NCA) as well as the State Cemetery Administration provide proper burial for the fallen victims of the Pandemic.

While the National Cemetery Administration has plans to establish 18 new national cemeteries in urban and rural areas to increase that access, the GAO described the office’s progress as “limited” and “years behind its original schedule for opening new cemeteries.” The primary challenge delaying the completion of cemeteries has been acquiring suitable land, the GAO found. Local organizers and the families of loved ones lost in the pandemic war demand the these cemeteries be repurposed to the victims of the pandemic, whom are as  deserving than the veterans of war.

Harlem Network News HNN has advocated and demanded that local and national government officials address the pending burial of thousands of victims of Covid -19. Many victims still abandoned in refrigerated trucks and  warehouses, or placed in mass burial sites in the city of New York and the nation. 

Governor, Mario Cuomo and  Mayor, Biil Beblasio were unavailable for scheduled interviews on this important matter to City and State residents.

HNN Covis-19 Memorial- Is a campaign is to build a proper tribute for the victims of the Pandemic equal to the tribute given to our war heroes and veterans.  Editor Terri Wisdom said during her interview of local government officials ” history will judge our generation by the way in which we have cared for the bodies and souls of those who died without the support of loved ones in the turbulence of hospitals and senior homes war zone.  Ground zero Harlem and New York City”. “Never again should we tolerate government been unprepared for what is certain to be repeated in the near future, and in generations to come”

“Families across New York, and right here in Queens, are already paying the ultimate price with the tragic loss of their loved ones to the coronavirus,” said Schumer and Ocasio-Cortez in a joint statement.  

As Congress and the President ignore Ms Cortez demands, she said “it is very painful having the bodies pile up in our backyard. And for me to have to go out every Friday and feed people who are hungry and try to get people help and health care who are dying — it is directly because of Congress and the federal government’s failure and inability to really acknowledge this crisis not just in scale but in time. So in terms of there being disorientation, for me, on one hand it gives you whiplash, but on the other hand it also gives you an immense amount of clarity when we’re having trillions of dollars in federal response being hacked out by three to five people in a backroom to bail out corporations?  

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