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Black Lives Matter, NYC “Occupy City Hall”

The murder of George Floyd protest spourned a 24-Hour “Occupy City Hall” in New York City which now includes numbers up to 50,000 people demanding now the defunding of the Police.  The occupation was initially conceptualized by Jawanza James Williams , director of Vocal-NY as a way to pressure the city to cut its Police budget  by $1 billion and shift the funds to other resources including education and social services.    The focus is on the July 1 budget deadline.  Organizer Jawanza James Williams say calls the movement “Occupy City Hall” as a “people’s bazaar for liberation”.  The City Hall area has been transformed the organizers are “largely black and some queer”, now joined by whites and all  have transformed the plaza with art, kiosk, bicycles and metal barricades.  This sophisticated network has transposed the space for habitability organizers have built a, library, tea hut and community garden.  There are donations of prepared meals, blankets, hand sanitizers, blankets and vitamin.  The group has an elaborate team that handles sanitation, food distribution and sanitation.  There are medics, and de-escalation teams who where red cross and orange armbands respectively.  They have most recently installed internet service and a laundry schedule has been set.  There is even a welcome desk and work shifts. Though there is an atmosphere of joy and hope at the “Occupy City Hall” leader Janwanza James Willaims said, the group doesn’t  want people to forget why they’ve gathered”.   After festive moments there is always a speaker stressing the need to stay vigalent and concious and remember, “we’re here because black people are dying in the street”; “we’re not here to socialize we’re here for real-life problems.  This is another new norm in NYC as people of color with new found community support and understanding fight the disparities of Covid 19 and the Pathologies of Racism.  “Up you mighty race!”, Marcus Garvey.  “Black Lives Matter”


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