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Bring Our Sister Brittney Griner Home – A Letter to President Putin

OPEN  Letter To:  President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation

Dear President Putin:

It is with profound honor and respect that non-governmental religious leaders, community organizations and common folk from across the African American community organizations and common folk from across the African American Community of over 40 million living in the USA write this letter to your excellency on behalf of our dear Basketball WNBA, Olympic Gold , Russian Cup Winner Sister Brittney Griner.

The historical relationship between the people of Russia and the African American Community in the United State is long standing.  Russia has historically advocated on behalf of the freedom struggles of African Americans in our 400-year history of liberation from the shackle’s of slavery and racial oppression.  The people of Russia have historically supported our struggle for freedom and welcomed African American intellectuals dating as far back as the 1920’s and 30’s when Paul Robeson, Claude McKay, Langston Hughes and WEB Dubois to mention just a few of our writers, musicians and sports figures were welcomed by the Russian people and that practice has certainly extended into modern times.  Harlem, New York, the Black cultural Mecca of the world has been the welcoming home for many world leaders including Premier Nikita Khruschev of the Soviet Union, President Fidel Castro of Cuba, who stayed at the famous Theresa Hotel in Harlem and HoChi Min of Vietnam as well as many members of the African Liberation Movement, particularly of South Africa where we played a crucial role in the freedom of the nation.

President Putin, we are making this humble appeal on behalf of Brittney Griner in the sincere hope that given the commitment of the Russian people and your administration to human dignity, that your grant consideration to pardon our dear Sister Brittney Griner for the grave error she has committed.  Our plea comes from a broad selection of the African American community including religious, civic and cultural institutions.

In hope and faith of your consideration of a pardon, we are preparing a delegation to travel to the Russian Federation designated city, to receive our Sister Brittney Griner and bring her back home to the United States.  Brittney’s homecoming will be a cause for celebration across the African American community in the USA and an opportunity to honor you and the Russian people for your mercy and commitment to human dignity and freedom of African Americans.  It will also open a new chapter in the historic relations of our people.  



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