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HARLEM HOSPITAL Doctors, nurses, caregivers  spared  a minute to be celebrated  with drummers and jubilant Harlem residents wanting to express their love and appreciation for the lives they have saved.

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Harlem residents  and the Apollo Theater marquee pay tribute to Harlem Hospital Staff. Harlem residents   turns out on 135th street and Malcolm X Blvd for a Soul Clap IN CELEBRATION  of heath care providers  at the Historic HARLEM HOSPITAL. At 645 PM when all of New York  was clapping for the health care workers in all hospitals  the Harlem community went all out to support doctors,  nurses, maintenance staff  in a Harlem  with a SOUL Clap. African Drummers and  Dancers wearing masks and keeping  social distance came out in great numbers  to say THANK YOU.   Residents with signs bearing words of love and appreciation for the dedication and life saving services provided by Harlem Hospital during the Corona Virus Pandemic.   The event was coordinated by grassroots organizers. The celebration was  overlooked and not reported by  local and  national news. These organizers have done an incredible job of working to  save lives and promoting the Black Lives Matter agenda.  Long time Harlem Organizer IESHA SEKOU of Street Corner Resources, Stephanie McGraw of W.A.R.M.  and Reverend Kathy Bestrow were the organizers along with community groups for this heart warming event.  The world famous  Apollo Theater posted  “Stay well” and “Keep Ya Head Up’ on their marquee.

Working Doctors nurses caregivers returned to work with a send back from drummers and jubilant residents  expressing their love and appreciation to the staff. 

CEO Ebone’ Carrington  of the Harlem Hospital  spoke to the crowed and  gave  her heartfelt appreciation.

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