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It’s “Winter In America”A Climate Change In “Harlem” Black America

The 2020 Elections mark “climate change” in America with a record breaking turnout of Black Voters at the poles beginning with Harlem, New York – The Black Mecca of the world and the “Harlems” of the world as proof that the Black  voters  can change the Paradigm in America hence the world.  The Black vote was and is the game changer in New York  and “battleground states” from Pennsylvania to Michigan to Georgia  – all clear proof of what the Black Voting Machine is capable of doing when “W0KE” and set in motion.  Also subsequently why Trump and the “Trumpets” are scrambling, threatening democracy and over turn the votes in these “Battleground States” which are overwhelming states with major and majority Black Votes; a clear example that relentless systemic racial discrimination and racial disparities in America have not ceased as Trump refuses to concede and schemes to win the Election which he clearly lost.

Boots on the ground mavericks like Stacey Abraham’s and her Fair Fight “2020”  Organization obviously made the difference in changing the tide in a “Jim Crow” state like Georgia.  The Black Vote in Georgia changed the tide in the Presidential Election making President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris win the formerly Confederate State of Georgia despite voter suppression and in many instances voters waiting over 10 hours; but vote we did, win we did and will.

“And Still We Rise” Black America, Maya Angelou and Remember “Our Crown Is Already Bought and Paid For – All We Have to Do Is Wear It”, James Baldwin.

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