Harlem News Network is a new media platform created to provide news and information relevant to the residents of Harlem and Urban Communities  in the wake of the Corona Virus Pandemic. 
The government, the media, and network cable  news have all failed once again in the Tale of Two Cities to address the poor, under served and people of color as well as to include qualified medical professionals of color as experts.  The pain and suffering of the White businesses and residents of the city and the nation overwhelms the heart of America and the world.  The stories of the poor, under served people of color  and their dedicated medical and community care givers are hidden never making  it to the screen.
The Black under served communities of America “ suffer in silence,” ( Martin L King ) till the starvation of our seniors and the many  vulnerable community’s sick and paycheck to paycheck wage earners run out of resources and  patience and explode. 
Residents of Harlem know that the media only covers Harlem when there is a shooting. The stories in the media will not be the pain and suffering imposed on Black America and people of color by the virus and the cure, but the justified brutality and containment that will follow when the community implodes or explodes.
HARLEM NETWORK NEWS (HNN) is here to fill the void and to be the Voice and the Drumbeat Harlem and  the Harlems of the world.  Knowledge and information  is power as Harlem and the world fight against death and all odds to survive the Covid 19 Pandemic.
Stay tuned; send and receive “our” news stories, news feed,  food, supplies  and information for and  from “our”  community medical caregivers and residents who are boots on the ground.
To contribute to “our” story please email Harlemnetworknews@gmail.com, text or call  646 261- 5397.  Look for us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, our Website and Podcast coming soon.  Receive daily Press Updates.
HARLEM NETWORK NEWS (HNN)               HARLEM NY 10037 TEL 646 261- 5397


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