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New York City officials released new data that breaks down the number of fatal coronavirus cases by zip code. Harlem Suffers reached more than 720 Coronavirus Deaths.

HARLEM, NY — More than 720 Harlem residents have suffered fatal cases of the new coronavirus, according to a new batch of city data that breaks down the number of virus deaths tests in each city zip code.

A list  by neighborhood released this week revealed that a total of 683 people have died of the virus in the eight zip codes that make up Harlem and East Harlem. This does not include deaths at home.

Here’s how the numbers break down for Harlem’s zip codes:

  • 10026: 37 deaths (611 cases)
  • 10027: 96 (956)
  • 10029: 182 (1,698)
  • 10030: 43 (469)
  • 10031: 112 (1,224)
  • 10035: 101 (901)
  • 10037: 163 (507)
  • 10039: 49 (478)
  • Total: 683 (6,844)


Some Harlem neighborhoods were hit especially hard by the new coronavirus and recorded high rates of death compared to other areas of New York City, especially other Manhattan zip codes. The Central Harlem zip code of 10037 had the worst rate in Manhattan with 305 deaths per 100,000 residents and East Harlem’s 10035 was not far behind with a rate of 293 deaths per 100,000 residents. Only one Harlem zip code, the 10026 area directly north of Central Park, recorded one of the city’s lowest 50 death rates.

The Health Department’s data found the virus running rampant in mostly poor neighborhoods and among people of color. Residents in the very high poverty bracket saw a death rate of 232.03 per 100,000 while low poverty New Yorkers saw less than half that rate at 99.56, data show.

Black and Latino New Yonkers continue to die at about twice the rate of white New Yonkers, when adjusted for age, data show. The death rate per 100,000 people is 212.79 for Hispanic New Yonkers, 204.79 for Black New Yonkers and 102.94 for white New Yonkers, data show.

“The data also show that this virus is not hitting New Yonkers equitably,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot. “That reality is guiding the COVID-19 response.”

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