Harlem Network News campaigns for an hour of Prayer every Sunday at 4. PM for: All Who have Died In the Pandemic


Long time journalist and community organizer Terri Wisdom is calling on secular and faith-based organizations throughout the nation to participate in an Hour of Prayer every Sundays at 4.PM in honor of known and unknown victims of the Corona Virus, Covid 19.  Today, the bodies of these victims lie in refrigerated warehouses such as in New York City which is the epicenter of the pandemic. In New York mass graves are being dug and filled with the bodies of the victims.

The point of the Sunday Hour Of Prayer is to bring together the families, friends and communities of the innocent people who died and to pray for their souls and for the strength that our communities will be equal to the task of stopping the pandemic as soon as possible.

Our prayers on this Sunday will also be directed to the public officials responsible for making decisions about burials.  We do not agree that mass burial should be an option.  Rather, it would be far more appropriate if memorials are created to honor the victims in every town and city in America. It is at the site of those memorials that the dead victims should be buried. By doing so, we will be sending a message to the future that says Public Health fiascos such as the one that created the current pandemic will never again be tolerated.

Journalist/Organizer Terri Wisdom, remarked that “These victims are no different than soldiers who went abroad to fight a war in which they were killed.” Meanwhile, the bodies of the heroes of our current struggle for survival lie forgotten in refrigerated warehouses without any plans for the proper acknowledgement of their lives.”

The American people are urged to join every Sunday in prayer at 4PM Sunday dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Corona Virus Pandemic and for the peaceful transition of their souls. Although their final resting place is in the hands of the government, our memories of them will have a place in our hearts forever.

Terri Wisdom, is a Veteran Journalist and Activist,  born in New York City who has lived and worked her entire adult life in the Harlem Community.   She is President and founder of the Harlem Diaspora Foundation and is a dedicated care giver to the underserved of Harlem and the “Harlems of the World.

For Further Information Contact:

Terri Wisdom

Harlem Diaspora Foundation &

Committee For Memorials For the Innocent Victims of the Pandemic

Tel: 1 646-261-5397

Email: harlemnetworknews@gmail.com


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