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The March On Washington-Where Do We Go From Here

57 years later we find ourselves at the Historic March On Washington – “Get Your Knee Off Our Neck” organized by Reverend Al Sharpton Director of NAN – National Action Network  in conjunction with Martin Luther King III.  On August 28th in the hot summer sun of Washington DC we stood all wearing mask protecting from Covid 19 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and Mall – “wading in the water” – my personal count 2,000,000 strong.  The moment in time was empowering and memorable to those who attended the March 57 years ago and to those of us who came for the first time – to those who attended virtually and to those who heard the call – to collectively stand firm for change, dignity, equity; to stop the open season killing of Black Men and Women  – knowing that Black Lives Matter,  that We Matter.  Folks came from across the Nation – young, old, students, families, Blacks, Whites, and all Others.  All were present all were represented but first and foremost Blacks stood strong in leadership and consciousness.  Public officials from across the country came to speak, our very own Harlem Congressman Espaillat spoke, Vice Presidential Senator Kamala Harris spoke Virtually,  Martin Luther King III spoke, Reverend Al Sharpton Spoke all the families of the murdered were present and spoke from the Mother of Eric Garner to the Mother of Trevon Martin to the Brother of George Floyd to Father of Jacob Blake.  They came to stand in unity and to say “No More.”   We marched from the Lincoln Monument to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in faith to pay homage.

We gathered – we stood – “I know I been changed’ as I observed folks “Wading In the Water” for real.  It is our time to break the chains of 400 years of oppression and the Middle Passage.  It is our time  to demand reparations – the struggle continues – Vote we must, strategize we must,  take back the peoples house back we must and make those whom we elect accountable to what Black and Brown Agenda is required to level the playing fields – the public lynching of Black Men and Women in America must end now. 

The incidents that brought us to this March are many.  The Corona Virus Pandemic pulled the scab off many wounds exposing the extreme racial and economic disparities that exist in America for Black and Brown people in America leaving Black people and people of color fighting the  Corona Virus Pandemic, the Pandemic of Racism and the Pandemic of Ignorance and Apathy.  Wake up Black People and Stay Woke.  “It is Winter in America”.

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