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What: Press Conference When: Thursday, June 10, 11:00 am Where: In front of NYPD 28th Precinct, 2271 Frederick Douglass Blvd @ West 123rd Street: We Are Getting Organized Now for Revolution – Nothing Less

The NYC Revolution Club is announcing its plans to march with others through the streets of Harlem to the 28th precinct of the New York City Police Department to “Demonstrate to the world: We Are Getting Organized Now For Revolution—Nothing Less!”  

“We call on everyone who wants a better world; all who know the claim of ‘liberty and justice for all’ is a cruel lie; everyone who agonizes about where things are headed, and about the fact that to be young now means being denied a decent future, or any future at all, to join us on June 12,” says Carl Dix 

The Revolution Club has a permit to march on Saturday starting at 2:00 pm at Marcus Garvey Park, going through the streets and neighborhoods of central Harlem, and ending at the 28th Precinct, where the New York City Revolution Club will make a political declaration. They are demanding this happen without NYPD interference. 

Revolution Club member Emma Kaplan says,   “Many who want to participate in this march have told us they fear repression and retaliation from the police. We demand no NYPD surveillance, no NYPD photographers and no NYPD retaliation on this march as they have done repeatedly in the past.  We call on all people of conscience, to come on June 12, in the march or as observers, standing with those who are lifting their heads to a whole different way the world could be. If you are in New York City or anywhere along the East Coast, join us on Saturday, June 12 in Harlem, NYC.” 

“These folks are drawing on their lived experience of brutality, repression and retaliation at the hands of the NYPD and other police forces,” Dix says.  This has been clearly shown by the systematic, indiscriminate brutality against George Floyd protesters — documented even by New York City’s own Department of Investigation — as well as the NYPD’s brutality towards people hanging out in Washington Square and Tompkins Square Parks over the last few nights.” 

Saturday’s New York City action is one of three national marches including in Los Angeles and Chicago. 

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